The mission of our Amsterdam insiders is to elevate the experiences of our clients during their stay. We work closely with only the best and finest of what Amsterdam has to offer. Let us design and offer your complete stay or fulfil a single request. From business to leisure.

No does not exist in our vocabulary.


Discover the finest culinary hotspots, from fine-dining in high-end establishments to a cozy candle-lit dinner in the most amazing five star restaurants Amsterdam has to offer.


Any form of transport is possible whether you would prefer a helicopter flight around the skyline of Amsterdam to the most luxury cars, private drivers and ofcourse even just a simple bike. Whatever your desired form of transport might be, safety is a priority within our organisation and we only work with the very best Amsterdam has to offer.


A corporate concierge program will save your employees valued time, energy, and resources with an effective work-life balance. Increase employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity. We offer exclusive corporate partnerships, contact us for more info.

Real Estate

We are a global lifestyle company boasting a dedicated team of international property specialists with access to off-market properties and expert marketing capabilities.Whether the desire is to buy, sell or rent a first-class residence, our specialists and concierge home services will find the perfect property to suit every lifestyle and investment objective.

Amsterdam Discover

We know the ins and outs in this city. We design unique city experiences showing our guests only the most special parts of this city. With Amsterdam Discover we are offering (and you will find with our partners) are: Cocktail Tours, City Wake Up Run and Beer Tours. Leave your request to receive your tailor-made tour.


Stand face to face with some of the world's most famous art. Amsterdam is home to some of the best museums Europe has to offer. Take a journey through the memories of the Second World War or visit the modern art museums to have a look into the future.


Depending on your preferences we will happily set you up in the most luxury high-end hotels or give you access to the most exclusive private canalhouses all with amazing architectural designs. Discover the secrets of Amsterdam.


An adventure in which you notice every exquisite detail and savor every beautiful minute: dipping your fingers in the water from the deck of a yacht; digging your toes into the finest white sand; riding in a horse-drawn sleigh through a snowy alpine forest; sharing an astonishingly good meal with someone you love. This is the time of your life. Make the most of it. Our team designs travel experiences for families, diplomats, celebrities, athletes, and adventurous entrepreneurs. Let us craft the adventure of a lifetime for you.