We are an expert voice on luxury in Amsterdam. As Amsterdam insiders we can show you all the secrets and beauty our city has to offer. As your private concierge we will open doors for you that you never even knew were there. Connecting you to the glamour and luxury of only the very finest establishments in Amsterdam.

Jaap, founder

Jaap is a young born-and-raised Amsterdam entrepreneur and consultant on marketing and business development techniques for start-up businesses. With years of experience in the high-end hospitality scene, Jaap has always been your go to guy for anything you needed in Amsterdam. Not taking no for an answer, Jaap is as loyal as they come and a man of his word. Having an extended network in the high-end market in the Netherlands starting Sir Jaba was a logical next step, with services ranging from everyday requirements to managing real estate properties all over the world.

Bart, founder

Bart is an experienced multi-lingual strategic marketeer with a passion for other cultures. He has gained experience over the years working for big brands and real estate agencies in Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and the Netherlands. Not Amsterdam born - just raised - he combines his strategic mindset with his local network and knowledge to serve Sir Jaba’s clients only the best there is to offer.